Acetaminophen Support

The Sekisui Diagnostics manufactured Acetaminophen PN 506 is available as a replacement for the currently unavailable Acetaminophen assay, Abbott List Number 2K99-20 (Sekisui PN 505).

The 506 assay offers equivalent performance to the current product, including an enhanced N-acetylcysteine claim.

This product is now available from Abbott, under Abbott List Number 03R11-20.

The following support materials are available to assist you in your transition to the new reagent.


If you have questions regarding your options, or to order this replacement assay, U.S. customers please contact Abbott Customer Service at 1-877-4ABBOTT. Customers outside the U.S., please contact your local area Customer Service.

If you require assistance with the replacement product or support tools, please contact Sekisui Diagnostics Technical Support at 1-800-565-0265 or via email at [email protected].