Clinical Chemistry.

When every patient outcome matters, accurate and reliable results are critical. There is more burden than ever on laboratories to boost cost-effectiveness without sacrificing diagnostic test performance. 

As a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and supplying a wide spectrum of clinical chemistry and immunoassay reagents, SEKISUI Diagnostics is the ideal partner to help you maximize productivity while minimizing costs.  

That’s why our products are used to perform 1.8 billion clinical chemistry tests each year on a wide range of market-leading branded clinical chemistry analyzers.

Clinical Chemistry

We Set the Industry Standard for Quality Control

Our emphasis on regulatory excellence and lot-to-lot consistency and reproducibility, combined with comprehensive technical and sales support, are designed to help support you with the reliability you need to perform tests with confidence.

Field-Proven Reliability

REACH Compliance

ISO Certifications


Understanding Open Channel Reagents

Discover how clinical chemistry laboratories can optimize their success with open channel reagents.

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