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Our goal: to help clinical laboratories improve patient care by bringing testing for iron disorders in-house.   

We offer a complete solution for the measurement of unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC) including calibration verification, linearity testing, and data reduction to help you diagnose iron disorders with confidence.


Get more out of your UIBC calibration and linearity material.

Calibration verification and linearity testing are key components for verifying the ongoing performance of a clinical chemistry analyzer.  

Not only are calibration verification and linearity testing CLIA and CAP requirements,1,2 but they are also useful tests that can be applied when troubleshooting unusual control values. 

SEKISUI Diagnostics offers a unique, trilevel calibration/linearity material that is used in conjunction with assays for the quantitative determination of UIBC levels in clinical samples. 

Unlike the SEKISUI Diagnostics DC-UIBC-CAL material, which establishes a relationship between the analyzer’s measurement signal and the concentration of UIBC in a sample, the SEKISUI Diagnostics DC-Lineate material tests the analyzer’s linear response throughout the entire reportable range, ensuring the analyzer is accurately measuring values of UIBC. 

  • The material is a combination of human and bovine serum-based lyophilized materials  
  • They are conveniently packaged in a 2 x 5 mL configuration for each of the three levels. 
Superior support, with complimentary data reduction & dilution protocol assistance. 
Flexible use on a variety of different clinical chemistry analyzers. 
Traceable back to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). 

Data Reduction Services

Complimentary data reduction services as often as needed.

When unexpected challenges occur within your clinical laboratory, you may need support to simplify and streamline the process.  

That’s why we offer our data reduction service as often as needed at no charge

  • A complimentary linearity report within 72 hours of your data submission. 
  • A clear and easy to read linearity report, streamlining your documentation needs.  

Whether you need your data crunched due to a 6-month regulatory requirement or you are troubleshooting your assay, we will provide you with the assistance you need.

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Please be sure to fill out all required criteria and submit a separate form for each instrument. Save the completed form to your device. 

2. Submit

Submit your form by emailing to [email protected] and attaching the completed form. 

3. Sit back and relax

Receive your complimentary linearity report within 72 hours of your data submission.

Dilution Protocol Assistance

Complimentary dilution protocol assistance as often as needed.

Need assistance optimizing your dilution protocol? Our Diagnostics Technical Service team is staffed with veteran Medical Technologists who can assist with any dilution protocol necessary to run the SEKISUI Diagnostics DC-Lineate calibration/linearity material. 

Call 800-332-1042 today or download our Contact Card, so you are never without answers to your technical questions. 

A Complete Solution

A complete solution for diagnosing iron disorders.

Iron is an essential component within the human body, due to its involvement with the transport of oxygen to different bodily tissues. It is transported and stored within the body by two major proteins, which are transferrin and ferritin.  

Ferritin is responsible for storing iron, while transferrin is responsible for transporting iron.1  

Normally, transferrin will only store approximately 25-35% of iron to its binding sites, leaving roughly 65-75% of the binding sites unoccupied.2 

These unoccupied binding sites are known as Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity (UIBC), which is a key measurement used in the determination of various iron disorders. The combined values of UIBC and Serum Iron can be used to calculate the Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC), which is another useful measurement in the determination of various iron disorders. 

SEKISUI Diagnostics offers a vast range of high-quality chemistry reagents that were purposely designed to work together for the determination of various iron disorders. These reagents are all two-part, liquid stable reagents, allowing for ease-of-use with no pretreatment steps required.  

They can be placed on a variety of different clinical chemistry analyzers to fill in gap menus, allowing clinical laboratories to bring testing in-house and ultimately improve patient care. 

Anemia Menu

  • UIBC
  • TIBC
  • Iron
  • Ferritin
  • Transferrin

Reagent Ordering Information

Name Size Part Package Insert
UIBC 1×100 mL (R1); 1×25 mL (R2) 153-10 Download
UIBC 3×100 mL (R1); 1×75 mL (R2) 153-30 Download
UIBC 1×500 mL (R1); 1×300 mL (R2) 153-50 Download
UIBC 1×1000 mL (R1); 1×240 mL (R2) 153-90 Download
UIBC Bulk Formats Contact Us N/A
IRON TOTAL-SL 3×100 mL (R1); 1×75 mL (R2); 1×10 mL Standard 157-30 Download
IRON TOTAL-SL Bulk Formats Contact Us N/A
TRANSFERRIN 3×20 mL (R1); 2×10 mL (R2) KAI-023 N/A
FERRITIN 1×18 mL (R1); 1×9 mL (R2) KAI-095 N/A

Supporting Products Ordering Information

Name Size Part Package Insert
DC-LINEATE 3 (2 x 5 mL) SE-091 N/A
DC-TROL Multi-Analyte Control Levels 1 and 2 5×5 mL Level 1, 5×5 mL Level 2 SM-057 N/A
TRANSFERRIN 3×20 mL (R1); 2×10 mL (R2) KAI-023 N/A

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