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Providing the best possible patient care requires constant innovation. However, many healthcare providers simply don’t have a lot of time to find the best new solutions. We provide you with the solutions, products, and education you need to improve patient outcomes and help make a healthier world for everyone.

Test, diagnose, and treat patients faster.

Without early detection, treatment can be less effective.

As illnesses, diseases, and infections continue to evolve and change, healthcare providers need faster and more effective ways to test patients with confidence. But without innovation in point-of-care testing solutions, many of these illnesses can go undetected for far too long.

Provide fast & reliable testing in one office visit. 

In order to provide the best possible patient outcomes, healthcare providers need to be able to test with confidence. We provide you with the advancements in point-of-care testing you need to stay on top of new and emerging illnesses, and to offer patient clear diagnoses in just one office visit. 

Test patients faster & with greater accuracy. 
Simplify the testing process & minimize costs. 
Drive better results with earlier diagnoses. 

Point-of-Care products you can count on.

Covering a wide spectrum of point-of-care testing.

Rapid Testing

OSOM® rapid point-of-care tests.

Our wide selection of OSOM® rapid tests allow healthcare providers to test and diagnose cost effectively and in one visit, helping you reduce labor and follow-up time while improving results and increasing overall patient satisfaction.

Clinical Chemistry Reagents

When every patient matters, reliable results count.

Improving test performance takes time and money. 

The burden on healthcare providers and laboratories to innovate and improve diagnostic capabilities is now greater than ever. But this takes time and labor, both of which are often in very short supply. The result: even greater challenges to innovate and adapt.

Maximize productivity with an innovative diagnostics partner. 

Finding the latest and greatest clinical chemistry solutions doesn’t have to eat into time spent providing top-quality patient care. We help you achieve better, more reliable diagnostic testing results, so you can provide the best possible patient experience. 

Optimize your in-house testing.
Achieve faster, more reliable test results.
Save time & reduce costs without sacrificing results.

Stay at the forefront with the best clinical chemistry reagents.

Clinical Chemistry Reagents

Stable, reliable, and easy-to-use reagents.

Providing quantitative patient results is key to providing precision care and improving patient outcomes. We help you achieve optimal cost efficiency through constant innovation and robust quality control.

OSOM® Product Training

Boost your point-of-care testing expertise.

Our OSOM® Product Training educational videos help healthcare providers learn the proper usage of our OSOM® Rapid Diagnostics products and provide better point-of-care testing for patients.

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