When you need a partner to help support product development, deliver better patient outcomes, or build and maintain a reliable supply chain network, SEKISUI Diagnostics is here to help.  

Our international sales and distribution networks, combined with our relentless drive to innovate, gives us the global capabilities to meet your unique needs with customized solutions at both the regional and product level.

Global Reach, Regional Focus

Expertise & innovation is what we do.

Together with our global parent company SEKISUI Chemical Co. Ltd., and our sister company SEKISUI Medical, we’ve spent over 40 years helping healthcare businesses create a healthy, sustainable world with intelligent solutions.

Our Products

Innovative products that improve the health of all people.

Clinical Chemistry Reagents

We develop, manufacture, and supply a wide spectrum of open-channel clinical chemistry and immunoassay reagents to help laboratories maximize productivity while minimizing costs. Our products are used to perform over 1.8 billion clinical chemistry tests performed each year on a variety of different clinical chemistry analyzers.

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Point-of-Care Testing

Our broad range of point-of-care diagnostic products helps reduce follow-up visits, facilitate disease prevention and allow for more precise treatment—our goal: better patient outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and a healthier world for everyone.

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Enzymes & Biochemicals

We are a global leader in the manufacturing of sustainable, reliable enzymes and specialty biochemicals, all designed to help research labs and manufacturers control fixed costs and meet the demand for speed, sensitivity, and accurate outcomes.

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Pre-Analytic Systems

Collection of blood plays a critical role in accurately testing blood samples and correctly diagnosing of illnesses, and blood collection tube manufacturers count on auxiliary materials like separation gel and clotting accelerant to ensure reliable diagnostic results.

Biopharma Services

BioProduction by SEKISUI is our fermentation focused contract development and manufacturing organization with expertise in enzymes and downstream purification, supplying high quality materials for biotherapeutic manufacture, pharmaceutical production, diagnostic reagents, biosensors and medical devices.

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