Making our results matter.

We are a community of diverse minds, experiences, and cultures—yet we are all joined by a single purpose: to create a healthy, sustainable world with intelligent solutions that enhance life with science and improve the health of all people.

We’re Passionate About

Supporting faster diagnosis and quicker treatment.

We’re Passionate About

Innovating & fostering our competitive advantage.

We’re Passionate About

Building the best team with the best people.

“Every day, I’m impressed by my coworkers and managers and the sense of community we have internally and externally in the company environment. I wake up ready to meet the day, knowing I will be around people who have integrity and care about their important work, which excites and energizes my efforts.” 

SEKISUI Employee

San Diego, CA

“I’ve been here at SEKISUI Diagnostics for 17 years now. I enjoy working with my colleagues. Some have become great friends of mine… I’m very thankful to be part of the SEKISUI family. They take care of their people and make a great impact in the healthcare world.” 

Melissa M.

Manufacturing Associate Lead, San Diego, CA


Inclusivity & equality foster creativity & innovation.

We strive to create an increasingly inclusive and diverse workforce reflective of our global community. In an industry where women and people of color are traditionally underrepresented, we work hard to be a leader in changing that legacy.  

That’s why we are committed to pay equity for all employees, and why we invite individuals of all identities, beliefs, generations, and communities to pursue opportunities within our organization. This is a company for all of us. 

Sustainability & Community

Our commitment to sustainability & social responsibility.

Sustainability & environmental leadership. 

We have long been committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability, because the innovations of today must not come at the cost of opportunities for tomorrow’s generations. That’s why we strive to deliver products that have a minimal impact on the environment, while working as a diverse team to conserve, recycle, and improve the world around us. 

Achieving success through teamwork. 

We enjoy what we do and believe our people are key to our success. We value each other by respectfully listening, encouraging development and recognizing accomplishments. We understand the importance of working as a team to achieve our goals and provide lots of opportunities and flexibility for our employees to live their lives to the fullest. 

Our community-driven approach. 

As part of a global community, we see how our actions impact all of the people and communities around us. That is why we are accountable for our actions and take ownership of our goals. We demonstrate integrity and strive to do what’s right for our customers, our partners, the communities we serve, and the neighborhoods we call home. 

Organizations we support. 

Our employee-led Donations Committee is proud to support a wide variety of organizations, nonprofits, and causes to raise awareness of important issues facing our global community. Whether we’re spreading the word about important issues in healthcare or supporting great causes focused on human rights, ending hunger and uplifting communities, we strive to make a positive impact on the world around us.