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Boosting the success of your business starts with providing your customers with the supply chain network they need to improve patient outcomes.  

SEKISUI Diagnostics provides many high-performance and innovative diagnostic products to help you offer your customers the fastest tests, the most reliable assays, and the widest possible spectrum of diagnostic test solutions.

Reliability & Quality

Quality backed by 40+ years of diagnostics expertise.

Supply chains stall, but customer needs don’t. 

When your customers’ diverse needs are up against tightened supply chains, you need a partner with global reach to help you access the diagnostics products you count on—all without sacrificing on reliability. 

Reliable access to a large product catalog. 

As a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and selling chemistry solutions and rapid tests, we provide you with access to product lines covering women’s health, men’s health, diabetes, infectious disease, cardiovascular, hematology, metabolic testing, and point-of-care testing. 

Over 1.8 billion

tests performed each year using our Clinical Chemistry products

QC Inside®

featured in many of our rapid tests provides extra tests for quality control at no charge


tests to maximize ease of use and efficiency

Our Products

Diagnostic products touching millions of patients every year.

Explore our wide selection of rapid test kits and assays as well as clinical chemistry reagents to see how we can help you fill product line gaps.

Support & Documentation

Exceptional support for your team.

Your customers count on your expertise. 

We know that educating your customers and answering their biggest questions is crucial. As a distributor, you need easy access to the most reliable, up-to-date literature, marketing materials, and training to sell products and support your clients. 

We support you right down to the fine details. 

Our highly-skilled reps are here to support you every step of the way—including promotional and advertising materials, strong sales support, product support, staff training and more. For us, making your job easy is a job well done. 

Sales literature provided to guide your selling process.
Product & field support to assist you & your customers. 
Online, on-site, & multilingual training for your teams.

Resources & Insights

A wide library of support documentation at your fingertips.

When you need support or product documentation, it should be easy to find. Our extensive library of support and resources is available any time you need it.


Our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Protecting tomorrow must start today. 

Future sustainability begins with environmental leadership. For you and your customers, meeting today’s needs must not compromise the ability of tomorrow’s generations to meet theirs. That’s why sustainable practices cannot wait. 

We support you right down to the fine details. 

At SEKISUI Diagnostics, we’re dedicated to sustainability. We strive to deliver products that have minimal impact on the environment while working as a team to conserve, recycle and improve our own surroundings. 

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