Pre-Analytic Systems.

Collection of blood plays a critical role in accurately testing blood samples and correctly diagnosing illnesses. Blood collection tube manufacturers count on auxiliary materials like separation gel and clotting accelerant to ensure reliable diagnostic results. 

SEKISUI Diagnostics is a pioneer in the field of plastic vacuum blood collection tubes, and our pre-analytic systems are trusted by blood collection tube manufacturers worldwide. 

Pre-Analytic Systems

Optimize Blood Collection with Minimal Interference.

Our raw materials have excellent characteristics to support stable and reliable serum generation in blood collection tubes with very low influence on clinical test results. The result: more reliable diagnostic testing and better overall patient outcomes.

Avoid the bottlenecks common with pre-analytic processing
Prepare and store blood samples for diagnostic testing
Trusted by manufacturers across the globe

Product Spotlight

Serum Separation Gel

Allows stable and reliable separation of blood clot and serum with very high resistance to irradiation, all while having very low influence on clinical test results.

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