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Innovation in the core laboratory starts with optimized processes and more reliable diagnostic testing. We support core labs with technologies and products designed to maximize accuracy while minimizing costs to achieve better results and, ultimately, help create a healthier world.

Clinical Chemistry Reagents

Maximize productivity while minimizing costs.

Overcoming the laboratory workforce shortage. 

Today’s shortage of medical technicians and technologists means there is more burden than ever on laboratories to optimize critical workflow processes, and to boost cost-effectiveness without sacrificing diagnostic test performance.

Make life easier for your laboratory professionals. 

As a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of a wide spectrum of clinical chemistry and immunoassay reagents, SEKISUI Diagnostics is the ideal partner to help you innovate, optimize, and maximize your productivity. 

Reagents manufactured in North America.

We manufacture our reagents in our own production facilities in North America, allowing us to maximize quality control and help laboratories overcome supply chain challenges.

Fast, personalized service.

Our sales team has significant med tech and hospital experience, allowing us to draw from our broad internal knowledge base to provide you with fast and consultative support.

Comprehensive portfolio.

We produce a broad line of open channel reagents used to perform over 1.8 billion clinical chemistry tests each year on a wide range of market-leading branded chemistry analyzers.

Stay at the forefront with the best clinical chemistry reagents.

Clinical Chemistry Reagents

Stable, reliable, and easy-to-use reagents.

Providing quantitative patient results is key to providing precision care and improving patient outcomes. We help you achieve optimal cost efficiency through constant innovation and robust quality control.

Rapid Testing

OSOM® rapid point-of-care tests.

Our wide selection of OSOM® rapid tests allow labs and healthcare providers to test and diagnose cost effectively and in one visit, helping you reduce labor while improving results and increasing overall patient satisfaction.

Rapid Test products you can count on.

Covering a wide spectrum of rapid testing.

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Optimizing your core lab starts with innovation.

As the challenges for core labs continue to evolve, you need a diagnostics partner who can innovate and evolve right alongside. Contact us today to see how we can help support your growing capabilities with reliable diagnostic products and solutions. 

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