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QC Inside®

SEKISUI Diagnostics offers QC Inside® for most OSOM® kits, which means you can use the entire kit to test patient samples plus get 2 additional tests that can be used for quality control at no charge.

Why did we develop QC Inside®?

Performing quality control testing consumes test components, which reduces the number of tests available for testing patient samples. SEKISUI Diagnostics offers QC Inside® to help improve operations and cost efficiencies, while providing high-quality patient care.

For all CLIA-waived tests, it is recommended to test one positive and one negative control every time there is a:

New product shipment

Change in lot number

New untrained user

QC Inside®

In a typical 25 test kit you get:

25 tests for patient samples +

2 tests for Quality Control =

27 tests total

OSOM Ultra Plus Flu A&B Test kit with contents

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Streamline your quality control process.

Improve operation and cost efficiencies with QC Inside®.

Graph depicting number of tests per kit with and without QC Inside

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40 Years of Diagnostic Testing Excellence

At SEKISUI Diagnostics, we help improve patient outcomes by doing what we have always done – focusing on innovating and developing highly accurate diagnostic tests, reagents, and systems.

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