The OSOM® iFOB Test is a rapid qualitative test for the immunochemical detection of fecal occult blood/human hemoglobin (hHb) in human fecal specimens as an aid in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal disorders such as: diverticulitis, colitis, polyps, and colorectal cancer.


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  • Accurate: Analytical sensitivity- 50 ng hHb/mL buffer or 50 μg hHb/g feces
  • Specific: To human hemoglobin
  • Fast: Results in 5-10 minutes with less than 1 minute of hands on time
  • Sample: Easy to use patient sample collection procedure
  • Improve patient compliance: No dietary or drug restrictions
  • QC Inside®: 2 Additional test sticks for external QC
Product Available in select countries in the following territories:

Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, USA - Not available in all countries. Contact us for availability.

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Name Size Part Package Insert
OSOM iFOB Test 25 Tests (plus 2 extra for external QC) #1002 Download
OSOM iFOBT Patient Mailers 25 Mailers #1003 N/A
OSOM iFOBT Stool Collection Tubes 25 Collection Tubes #1001 N/A
OSOM iFOBT Control Kit 1-1mL Bottle Positive 1-1mL Bottle Negative #1000 Download

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