Smartbond Streptavidin

Immunobiology, cell labelling, immunodiagnostics, molecular diagnostics, ELISA, antibody conjugation, protein purification

Smartbond Streptavidin

Origin: Streptomyces avidinii

Key Features

Ultra-high purity native core streptavidin. Very homogeneous core structure and pI range. Very low contamination by protease and DNAse activities

Key Characteristics

  • Format: Freeze dried powder

Ordering Information

Name Size Part Package Insert
Smartbond Streptavidin BULK(GMS) STRE-70-4803 Download
Smartbond Streptavidin 1MG 1MG STRE-70-4803-01 Download
Smartbond Streptavidin 5MG 5MG STRE-70-4803-05 Download
Smartbond Streptavidin 20MG 20MG STRE-70-4803-20 Download
Smartbond Streptavidin 100MG 100MG STRE-70-4803-100 Download

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