Smartbond Alkaline Phosphatase

Smartbond Alkaline Phosphatase

EC Number


Origin: Microbial

Key Specifications

  • Activity: ≥ 15,000 U/mg at 37°C
  • Appearance: Clear to slightly opaque solution

Key Characteristics

  • Optimal pH: Highest activity recorded at pH 11.0
  • pH Stability: 6.0 to 11.0 excluding Glycine effect* [Results derived after incubation of the enzyme for 20 hr at 25°C in 0.1 M buffer, pH 5.5 to 11.0, containing 0.5 mM MgCl2]
  • Thermal Stability: Stable up to 40°C at pH 9.5 or up to 45°C at pH 11.0
    +2 to +8 °C for 12 months
  • 15 mg vial or 500 mg container (bulk)

Ordering Information

Name Size Part Package Insert
Smartbond Alkaline Phosphatase 500 mg (bulk) ALKP-70-6471 Download
Smartbond Alkaline Phosphatase 15 15 mg vial ALKP-70-6471-15 Download

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