Cystatin C

Cystatin C Assay is a convenient cost effective dual liquid stable latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric method. This critically important emerging marker aids in the early detection and diagnosis of renal disease. This method has an excellent correlation with existing commercially available products and is highly precise with intra and inter-assay precision CV% of < 5.0%.

  • Liquid stable reagent, calibrator and controls are offered separately for added convenience
  • A wide range of instrument parameters are offered for facilitating and simplifying implementation

Calibrator: Cystatin C Calibrator

Control: Cystatin C Control

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Name Size Part Package Insert
Cystatin C 2 x 10 mL (R1) 2 x 10 mL (R2) KAI-074 N/A
Cystatin C 1 x 60 mL (R1) 1 x 12 mL (R2) DZ133C-KY1 N/A

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