There are two cholinesterases (CHE and ACHE) differing in substrate specificity , tissue of origin and biological role. The term cholinesterase (ACHE), also known as acetylcholine Acetylhydrolase EC, is found in erythrocytes, in lung and spleen and in grey matter of brain. The assay of serum cholinesterase (CHE) is useful to diagnose: liver disorders, hepatitis, cirrhosis, carcinum with metastasis, sensitivity to succinylcholine administration and pesticide poisonong. Levels decrease in all above cases.


  • Kinetic colorimetric determination of cholinesterase according to the DGKC recommendations in serum and plasma
  • The reagents are provided in a ready to use format.
  • Reagents, stored at 2-8 °C in unopened vials, are stable up to expiry date indicated on the package.
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