Cholesterol Oxidase

Used in the formulation of cholesterol testing reagents or the use of Point of Care testing devices

Cholesterol Oxidase

EC Number


Origin: Streptomyces lividans

Key Features

    • Proven application in biosensor POCT devices

Key Specifications

  • Activity: > 25 U/mg
  • Appearance: Bright yellow to brown powder
  • Contaminants: Catalase < 1.0%; Glucose Oxidase < 0.01%; Uricase < 0.01%

Key Characteristics

  • Optimal pH: 6.5 – 7.5
  • pH Stability: 4.5 – 9.0 (25°C, 20 hrs)
  • Thermal Stability: Stable at 60°C and below (pH 7.0, 15 mins)
  • Format: Freeze dried powder
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