Beta-Lactamase ES (vials)

For inactivation of penicillins (βI activity) and cephalosporins (βII activity)

Beta-Lactamase ES (vials)

EC Number

Origin: Bacillus cereus

Key Features

  • Convenient format of β-Lactamase ES bulk powder (BELA-70-1491), in ready-to-use vials which have been sterilised by gamma irradiation.
  • Reconstituted stability (sterile filtered): 3 months at 2-8°C

Key Specifications

  • Activity: >50βII Units/vial
  • Appearance: White to off-white pellet

Key Characteristics

  • Format: Freeze dried powder
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Beta-Lactamase ES (vials) VIALS BELA-70-1461 Download

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