Lexington, MA, USA – May 14, 2019 – Sekisui Diagnostics Enzyme business announces the completion of a new BioProcess Innovation Centre at the site in Maidstone, Kent by the end of 2019, following a $1.9 million investment. This investment is part of a long-term investment strategy to grow its share of the Microbial Biopharma CDMO market, with future investment expected to focus on expanding cGMP manufacturing capabilities.

Previously part of Genzyme Diagnostics, Sekisui Diagnostics’ Enzyme business launched its Microbial Biopharma CDMO service offering, BioProduction by Sekisui, in 2017, building on over 40 years’ experience in this field. The new BioProcess Innovation Centre will more than double its development laboratory space to facilitate Process Transfer and Development. Specialized in expression and purification from microbial fermentation, the group has wide experience, including but not limited to recombinant systems such as E. coli and Pichia pastoris, with associated purification and analytical technologies. Its main expertise lies in the production of enzymes, however its capabilities are also suitable for plasmids, antibody fragments, and other protein production. With production capabilities from 20L to 5,000L, Sekisui handles projects from pre-clinical through to commercialization.

“Over many years we have built both a technical and operational competency and expertise in enzyme production and microbial fermentation,” said Robert Schruender, President & CEO of Sekisui Diagnostics and Sekisui Medical Board Member. “As the Biopharma CDMO market grows, we aim to further leverage this capability to grow our share in this market. This investment represents our commitment to serve our customers with innovative process development solutions.”

About Sekisui Diagnostics:

Sekisui Diagnostics is a global company committed to improving patient’s lives by providing innovative medical diagnostics to physicians and laboratories through a global commercial network. Product lines include clinical chemistry and coagulation systems, reagents, rapid test kits, point-of-care systems. The Enzyme business forms part of this group and, in addition to BioProduction by Sekisui, offers a broad portfolio of Diagnostic enzymes and critical raw materials.

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