As of June 26, 2019, Sekisui Diagnostics global headquarters has relocated to One Wall Street, Burlington, MA.

One Wall Street houses 14 companies and features a fitness center and full-service restaurant open for breakfast and lunch. The office is located immediately off the highway which allows for easy access especially during the busier commuting times.

The Chamber of Commerce describes the town of Burlington as, “The Intersection of Technology, Community and Commerce”. With a thriving local economy, strong residential services, and a number of dining, shopping and lodging options, Burlington is home to many of the region’s finest healthcare, technology, research and development companies.

A main driver for the move was to break away from the one room, open office structure and unused lab area, to create a modern, inviting space that supports effective collaboration but also appreciates the need for individual work.

“The goal of the design was to create an environment that balances both “we” and “me””, said Julie Fadel, Director Global Commercial Services/Site Leader. “We have utilized standard workstations and offices, however – these have been thoughtfully arranged to bring groups together, and position key senior leaders throughout the site.”

The 18,000 square foot space also features conference rooms, dedicated spaces for informal gatherings, an open concept kitchen area and a comfortable wellness room open to all for personal time and recharging when needed. The front lobby houses our Customer Training Center that showcases our Coagulation and Clinical Chemistry instruments, as well as our Point of Care solutions. Finally, nearly all staff have a view to the tree lined grounds through the many windows lining the space.