• Clinical Chemistry testing is an essential part of laboratory diagnostics, supporting many routine procedures, aiding in disease diagnosis and therapy monitoring
  • New SKTM500 Chemistry System allows customers to benefit from a new to market instrument with the added benefits of dedicated high quality SEKURETM Chemistry reagents
  • Designed for larger physicians’ offices and small to moderate-sized hospital laboratories, the high efficiency SK500 system and dedicated reagents offer a new choice for clinical chemistry testing


July 28, 2015

The Sekisui Diagnostics SEKURE® TPLA and RPR Tests: Ideal for ScreeningToday, Sekisui Diagnostics announces the launch of the SK500 Chemistry System. A compact, affordable and efficient instrument, with a broad menu of high quality SEKURE reagents, the system will bring significant benefits to the physicians’ office or hospital laboratory.

The SK500 has a throughput of up to 580 tests/hour with ISE, 72 patient sample on-board capability, minimizes the use of water (13L/day) and has 36 onboard assays (+3 ISE) to meet the testing needs of small-to-moderate volume laboratories. A simple and intuitive interface requires minimal training, and utilization of primary tubes and cups allows for easy deployment.

“Sekisui Diagnostics has a long history of providing quality reagents and test kits for Clinical Chemistry testing, and currently provides over 1.5B tests per year in this field,” says Lee Lipski, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Sekisui Diagnostics. “We are excited to release our first Clinical Chemistry system, which will enable laboratories to benefit from a highly efficient instrument combined with our quality reagents to help improve the efficiency of their laboratory testing.”

Clinical Chemistry is one of the most extensive areas of diagnostic laboratory testing, with billions of tests performed on a global basis each year. Testing results are utilized for annual physicals, pre-surgical testing, disease diagnosis, hospital admissions, therapy monitoring and more. Assays are carried out using a wide variety analytical methods with fully automated instruments like the SK500 carrying the majority of the workload.

Initially launched in the United States, Sekisui also plans to introduce the SK500 system to European markets in 2016.

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